Quality Assurance Claims Policy

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Heidtman Steel Processing Claim Policy

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Terms and Conditions for Sale of Excess Prime and Secondary

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Claims Policies




Material is sold to specification and is NOT GUARANTEED TO MAKE ANY PARTICULAR PART APPLICATION. Chemistry is subject to check analysis per ASTM standards. Mechanical properties, if reported, are guidance only and not a guarantee. Material will have surface imperfections and only gross imperfections will be considered for a claim. Coated product will be guaranteed to not loose adherence when subjected to ASTM recommended bend radii. No coated product is guaranteed to make any specific part application.

Material is sold as is, with no warranty. If you feel material was misrepresented, contact Heidtman Steel Products for guidance.

A copy of our claims policy is located on our website: http://heidtman.com/about/claims/

Under NO circumstances will deductions be honored prior to an investigation being conducted by appropriate Heidtman personnel. When a claim is accepted, material costs, initial freight to first location less scrap credit are the only charges that will be honored. Customer charges to you are not acceptable under any circumstances.

Any unauthorized deductions made will be held against credit and will be subject to immediate stop shipment for future orders.

Excess and Secondary items are to be picked up in a timely fashion, approx. 5-7 business days from Heidtman releasing material for pick up. If at the end of this time frame the material has not been picked up, Heidtman Steel may/will transfer/ship said material into customer ownership. An invoice will be generated at that time and storage and handling charges may apply from that date forward as well.

I have read and understand these conditions as described above.