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Heidtman Steel Processing Claims Policy - Cleveland

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Toll Processing Claims Policy Addendum
Cleveland, Ohio
January 1, 2017


In addition to the Heidtman Steel Corporate claims policy the below applies to material being processed at the Cleveland Facility.


I. Pickling


  1. Any material oiled with GSPO oil will be treated as a pickle dry product. GSPO oil does not include rust inhibitor in the chemical make-up.
  2. Material = 475 linear feet may encounter some degree of burnishing and or burnished roll marks throughout the entire coil, as the flattener roll used to feed the line needs to be used throughout the entire coil. No claims will be accepted for any defects associated with this practice.
  3. 2” oscillation can be expected during the pickling process and guaranteed. Any material that falls within this 2” tolerance, but outside the customers’ tolerance will be re-wrapped at the customer’s expense. Any material that falls outside the 2” oscillation tolerance will be re-wrapped at no cost to the customer.
  4. During processing, there is a chance of occasionally seeing light rubber debris on the material, based on life and wear of rolls within the line. No claim can be accepted for this type of debris.
  5. Material identified as stain critical, needs to be further processed and/or shipped from Heidtman Cleveland within 5 business days from the date of being pickled. Any material that has shipped within this 5 day window will into the normal claim window of 30 days stain policy. Material claimed back to Heidtman Cleveland that fall outside this window will not be honored.
  6. No Parsytec imaging on dry lube material (unit is off-line during dry lube).


II. Slitting


  1. During the slitting process, the knives are used to keep the material within the specified width tolerances. Any material being requested to be slit with no trim, will not be guaranteed to a width tolerance. This material will be processed on a best effort basis and no claims will be accepted for being under or over the specified width tolerance.


III. Invoicing


  1. Invoicing through the Cleveland facility will occur at completion of final process.
  2. Payment terms will be Net 30 days


IV. Storage and Transfer charges


  1. See storage fee price matrix (can be obtained from CSR)


For any other questions regarding the Heidtman Steel’s Toll Processing Claims Policy or the Cleveland Addendum to the claims policy, please contact your Customer Service Representative.